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Energy Supply

In six years of operation we have managed to achieve a market share of 8% and to expand our presence in 10 European countries.

Energy Trading

We are an active player on the European Electricity Market with trading licenses for 10 Eurpoean markets.


Our starting business was the sale of petroleum products. With 12 years of experience we have become the leading distributor of Rompetrol and Lukoil products.

Latest News

[ro] 2014-04-17 - Revista Presei AFEER

Alro, Electrica Furnizare si Tinmar, in topul furnizorilor de energie.   more...

[ro] 2014-04-16 -

Planurile Tinmar Ind pentru 2014: cel mai mare trader de energie îşi propune o creştere de 25%.   more...

[ro] 2014-04-07 - Revista Presei AFEER

Tinmar IND livrează energie pentru irigaţii .   more...



The starting business of Tinmar-Ind was the sale of petroleum products. With 12 years of experience, we have become a leading distributor for Rompetrol and Lukoil products.   more...

Natural Gas

Tinmar-Ind portfolio includes industrial customers in almost all industries, amounting to a market share of 1%.   more...