We give big companies the energy to succeed.

Always oriented towards the development and improvement of the energy we supply.

Tinmar in short

720 MILIOANE EURO - cifra de afaceri cu 2800 CLIENTI CORPORATE
Tinmar Energy devine F.U.I optional conform Deciziei Autoritatii Nationale de Reglementare in domeniul Energiei in 2019
Prima companie romaneasca listata la European Energy Exchange in 2009
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Who we are

Leader in the area of energy supply, Tinmar has become the largest private energy supplier in Romania.

Leader in integrated energy services, Tinmar is a solid and large Romanian company, dedicated to deliver integrated utility services– electricity, petrol and natural gas– to its industrial clients and to households. Our ambition is to become the best modern utility services company in the region.

After the merger, Tinmar Energy continues its activity structured on three divisions associated to business lines, in order to maintain and increase the customer service capacity.

Financial strategy

Figures show Tinmar’s continuous increase, throughout the past six years, which is proof that the strategies chosen within the company were correct..
The maintenance of a stable portfolio, flexibility towards the client, maintaining leadership and the extension towards new markets represent the priorities of Tinmar.


The flexibility of services allows the company to be an efficient interface between big energy and gas producers and consumers of all types.

Quality products

With an enviable energy mix, based on a wide range of resources, Tinmar can supply you the products and services you need, regardless of the specific necessities of your activity. With over 1.500 active clients in 2015, Tinmar has strengthened its position on the market and proves to be a trustworthy partner.

Wide portfolio

Starting with the trading of petroleum products, Tinmar has developed its portfolio throughout the following years, becoming, step by step, also a supplier of electricity, natural gas, and manufacturer of renewable energy generated by solar panels.

Our methods have worked

Tinmar has become market leader following its customer-oriented policy, with complete services and flexible packages, as well as due to its permanent concern regarding development and the quality of the electricity it supplies. The flexibility, the care towards its users, and the continuous development of its services have brought Tinmar to a top position in the preferences of its clients. Tinmar has permanently won new clients and partners, but most importantly, it has maintained the loyalty of its users, through an efficient commercial policy. 

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Date financiare

Competitivitatea și responsabilitatea socială rămân prioritățile companiei. Principalele valori ale Tinmar sunt profesionalismul, flexibilitatea, transparența, orientarea către client și dezvoltarea permanentă.

Direcțiile strategice privesc noi investiții cu perfomanță durabilă, asigurând o creștere constantă și stabilă a portofoliului companiei. Menținerea pe poziția de lider și extinderea către noi piețe reprezintă în continuare prioritățile Tinmar.

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Clienţi Tinmar Energy

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