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Leader in the electric energy supply area.

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Through Tinmar Energy, we are engaged in the local production of renewable energy, the trading of energy on 21 international markets, and we are an integrator of modern utility services that bring value to our clients.

The total energy quantity delivered in 2016 – 12.016 GWh being one of the biggest Energy company from the Central and Eastern Europe.

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Tinmar is an electric energy supplier since year 2007. The fast increase registered in this area has brought it, until the end of year 2014, the title of the largest energy supplier in Romania, with a 12,57% share of the competitive market.

Tinmar has constantly gained new clients, maintaining its loyalty for the user, through a good commercial policy. The constant concern for satisfying the requirements of clients and for a partnership that is both transparent and beneficial for both parties has enabled the company to maintain over 99% of its clients throughout time.

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Tinmar is present in 21 European countries, covering 85% of the European Union surface, and a series of neighboring countries.

Tinmar has a vast legal and operational experience on the energy market. Through our trading strategies, we provide our clients energy under financially advantageous terms. We extended our operations on 21 European countries and now we cover 85% of the European territory. We continue the group’s expansion and we are undertaking the licensing procedure for several countries.

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Renewable energy

Tinmar is a solar energy producer

Within our activity, we are constantly concerned about establishing a balance between the economic growth, the environmental protection, and finding alternative resources. Therefore, in 2012, Tinmar has become an electricity producer, having in its portfolio six photovoltaic plants with a total installed capacity of 50 MW.

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