Tinmar is a well known participant on the European electricity market, being present in 21 countries

Continental expansion

In 2009, Tinmar continues its expansion outside the country, by obtaining electricity trading licenses for Bulgaria, Greece, Austria and Germany. Also during this year, Tinmar becomes the first Romanian company registered at the European Energy Exchange (EEX).

In 2013, Tinmar obtained electricity trading licenses for the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well. Year 2016 finds Tinmar actively, as a licensed electricity supplier and/or participant into the bilateral energy market in 21 countries: Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, we are under the ongoing process of becoming licensed for other three markets in: Croatia, Poland and Slovenia.

Outstanding results in energy trading

In 2014, 3.781 GWh were traded on the trading platforms (both on the local market, and on the external markets in which Tinmar established its presence) the quantity of energy exported by Tinmar in 2014 has represented 11% of the total energy exported from Romania during the same year. In 2015, a new increase in the volume of electricity sold on national and international trading platforms occurred, reaching to 7.671 GWh.

During the past 5 years, we have registered an 800% increase into the quantity of energy traded and delivered on European markets. In 2016, we are targeting a 10% increase, both in the supply to final consumers, as well as in trading.

Tinmar Energy Clients

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