Competitive conditions for gas supply

Companies from different areas of the economy have already picked Tinmar as their natural gas supplier.


The transparence of the partnership, the flexibility of contracts, and the possibility of adapting to economic realities are the main benefits you have as an eligible consumer of the natural gas delivered by Tinmar.

In year 2015 the increase of the volume of sales was exponential: 2.153 GWh, respectively a number of over 200 clients.

Tinmar offers exclusively supply services, at a negotiated price, to its eligible consumers

According to the current legal regulations reglementărilor, the natural gas supply can either be performed at a regulated price or at a negotiated price. Eligible consumers can choose their natural gas supplier and sign a contract directly with it, at a negotiated price. For all the natural gas clients in the portfolio, Tinmar also offers the services imposed by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority: transportation, distribution and underground storage. Tinmar holds the natural gas supply license no. 2001/2015.

If in year 2014 the quantity supplied to portfolio clients was of 77 GWh, for 70 final clients, the sales volume has massively increased in 2015: 2.153 GWh, respectively a number of over 200 clients..

Client service

Tinmar has the specialists fit to ensure quality natural gas, fast delivery, competitive prices and a high degree of flexibility in the management of financial-commercial operations. As an eligible client, you can benefit of the following services:

Pre-contractual support

Our specialists offer assistance to our portfolio clients, as well as to our potential clients, in the process of understanding the mechanisms and regulations of the natural gas market. Based on the results and consumption analyzes, we can decide together the optimal natural gas supply option specific to your consumption profile (consumption reduction calculations).

Related contracts

In order for it to offer the best support, our company will conclude all the related contracts necessary for the provision of the natural gas supply service (transport, distribution, acquisition) for all the consumption locations of our clients.

Informing consumers with regard to the legal modifications in force

We inform our consumers with regard to the legal regulations modifications in force specific to natural gas supply.

The dynamic balance between the consumption and compensation of forecast off-sets

We offer the possibility of updating daily the consumption forecasts of the clients we have relations with, in order to obtain the smallest as possible off-sets.

Consumption forecasts

We offer assistance for the consumers drafting their forecasts, in order to simplify and easen their tasks, and to help them achieve the most exact consumption forecasts possible.

Metering contracts

Upon the request of the consumers we offer the possibility of concluding metering contracts (the transmission of monthly consumption data) with the Distribution Operators.

Notification for programmed interruptions

In case of programmed interruptions, we have the possibility of notifying consumers with regard to interruptions in the natural gas supply. The list of programmed interruptions can be consulted here (link to another page with all the addresses).

Complaint management

We offer support for the management of complaints regarding the natural gas supply service, and of complaints regarding the faulty records of measurement devices.

Availability 24 out of 24

Telephone client assistance services at: telephone number 0800 410 065 (green phone) or 24/24 For problems in the natural gas supply (interruptions / gas quality), you can signal the disturbance to the Distribution Operator in whose area the consumption location is located, at the CALL CENTER numbers, and he will intervene in order to remedy the defect and re-establish the supply for the affected consumption location.

The obligation of performing the revision/check-ups of the natural gas installation

According to the new legal provisions (Technical Norms in force NTPEE – 2008 approved through the A.N.R.E Order 5/2009 published in the Official Monitor no. 255 bis, part I/16.04.2009):

The performance of the verification/revision of the natural gas installation is an obligation borne by the clients. According to the legal norms in force, the technical verification of installations shall be performed once every 2 years, while the technical revision of the installation shall be performed once every 10 years.

Revision is also mandatory in the following cases:

– of the installation is not use for a period greater than 6 months;

– after any incident that might affect the installation.

In case that the service for the verification/revision of the installation is not performed within the term specified above, in order to ensure the network and the user’s installation, the natural gas supplier will be obligated to apply measures for interrupting the natural gas supply. In order to fulfill the legal obligations, clients can choose to perform the verification/revision service with any company authorized by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority.

Tinmar Energy Clients

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