We fuel Romanian success.

Starting with 2016, Tinmar becomes a regional supplier, delivering petroleum products in countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia.


We are a partner capable of adapting to the economic particularities of your business, and we are constantly monitoring the requirements of the market.

The Tinmar Oil specialists have a well settled technological know-how, therefore we can offer optimal solutions, the real-time analyze of all variables and options. We ensure the fast delivery of quality products and competitive prices. Our clients benefit of a high degree of flexibility on managing their financial and commercial operations.

The fuel delivery is part of the energetic services mix that can be ensured by Tinmar to its clients. The range of fuels that can be delivered in the locations of clients covers the standard and superior segments. The commercial offer includes the following products:

Standard fuels:

COR 95 gasoline

Standard diesel

Superior fuels:

COR 98 gasoline (premium)

Diesel fuel with additives (premium)

The products described can be delivered from the following deposits:

Considering the fact that the Romanian market has drastically cut down on its production of road bitumen, but the use of bituminous binders is constantly increasing, Tinmar has in its portfolio an offer of products dedicated to the road industry.

The bitumen supply is performed from the active locations in Romania, near Bucharest ( the Vega refinery in Ploiești and the Floresti deposit, Prahova county, of the producer Orlen România), as well as from countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The local and international refineries and/or deposits were chosen depending on the most accessible locations in the various regions of the country, so that the delivery can be performed within maximum 24 hours, in any part of the country. The high quality of the bitumen is certified by suppliers, and deliveries are performed in compliance with the rules of qualitative reception, according to international standards.

Road bitumen:

Bitumen type 50/70

Bitumen type 70/100


The products described can be delivered from the following deposits:


Through the liquid combustibles offer in the portfolio, Tinmar is a trustworthy partner of both industrial and household users, supporting them in the responsible management of resources. According to commercial policies, Tinmar comes with commercial alternatives adapted to the needs of its clients, in this area inclusively. The burning installations using liquid combustibles offer thermal energy at low costs, and they also reduce the energy consumption, in similar, thermal stress conditions.

The efficient operations of installations mostly depends on the quality of products used. The fuels traded by Tinmar are registered and manufactured under license, they improve combustion and therefore lead to a smaller quantity of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. Liquid combustibles are serving thermal plants, industrial furnaces, boilers etc.

Our commercial offer includes the following products:

Fuels for furnaces:

Liquid thermal fuel (CTL)

Economic Calor type 3 – combustible for heating and hot water devices

Heavy oil:

Naphtha ( type 1, type 40/45, type 60/35, type 70/25 ) – usable as liquid fuel for thermal plants, boilers and cauldrons or for manufacturing heavy oils, bitumen, oils etc.


The sale figures below and the increase rhythm from the moment when we entered the market of petroleum products have confirmed the quality of Tinmar services. In 2014 we registered sales of over 131.000 tons of petroleum products, and in 2015 we reached a figure of over 165.000 tons. The increase rhythm of the past years has an ascending trend, which Tinmar will maintain, according to its provisions, also during the following years, by extending its number of clients and retaining the loyalty of its old and new clients.

Tinmar Oil

*forecast values

Delivery conditions

The competitive prices of petroleum products, the flexible payment terms and the possibility of a fast delivery of all products in the entire country make Tinmar an efficient partner for its clients from the most various sectors of activity. Depending on the specifics of your activity, Tinmar can offer you the possibility of paying at delivery or payment terms included between 7 and 120 days.

With payment at delivery

The transportation can be ensured by the beneficiary or, upon request, by Tinmar.

With payment at term, by granting a crediting limit

The credit limit will be established based on the financial data, following an analyze performed rapidly, in the following steps: – Preliminary analysis – is performed based on the client’s fiscal code and is concluded within 24 hours – The final analysis – is performed only if the standard qualification conditions are fulfilled (the result of the preliminary analysis is positive) and is processed within 5 working days since the date on which the complete financial data necessary are communicated.

Documente necesare: – the last closed balance sheet and the corresponding balance of payments * – the balance of payments corresponding to the last month closed* accompanied by the deposit receipt

Customer services

As the client of Tinmar Oil, you will benefit of fast delivery, competitive prices and a high degree of flexibility in the management of financial-commercial operations. In addition, Tinmar will offer you:

1.Pre-contractual support. The Tinmar specialists offer assistance to both the company’s clients, as well as to potential future clients, in the process of understanding the mechanisms and regulations of the petroleum market. 2. Permanent contact with our clients You can adjust the particularities of your service package at any time, knowing that on a dynamic business market, the continuous adapting to new necessities is absolutely necessary. 3. Fast delivery. The resources we have at our disposal and the suppliers we work with are positioned in such a manner that you can have your products delivered within a minimum term. The petroleum products can be delivered in any part of the country within an average term of 24 hours.


Considering the particularities of petroleum products and the necessities of supplying such products in a safe manner, the specialists of Tinmar Oil:

1. Identify the most financially and commercially profitable methods of delivery for you. Furthermore, they put at your disposal certain financial instruments that will help you make the most advantageous choice. 2. Identify the most secure transportation services you need, and will ensure them to you so that you receive the products within the shortest term possible. 3. They provide you the possibility of choosing devices for storing and delivering fuels. 4. They inform you within due time with regard to the tendencies in the price modification of fuels, so that you will be able to perform the necessary adjustments.

Tinmar Energy Clients

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