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Every information supplied by the users is and will remain confidential. TINMAR ENERGY will only use such information for:

  • offering, concluding and executing contracts for electric energy supply, natural gas supply, service provision, heating solutions supply and implementation, technical assistance services provision, the insurance of benefits corresponding to natural gas and /electric energy supply offers (ensuring goods in case of tension variations, ensuring the payment of bills in case of unemployment or medical leave cases, etc.). In order to execute the contract, we shall consider any communication sent to the client through which the supplier transmits information regarding the invoicing, the issuance of notifications, data related to the self-reading interval, payments, etc.;
  • the performance of electric energy and/or natural gas supply activities;
  • the provision of other services which the company has undertaken through contract in relation to its clients;
  • marketing, advertising and publicity activities;
  • for communicating, through electronic or traditional means, to clients or potential clients, certain commercial offers for the sale of services or products;
  • in order to collect any debts and to recover receivables both amicably and through court actions;
  • in relation to the electronic communications service;
  • in order to communicate information regarding the contests or campaigns organized by the supplier;
  • in order to perform campaigns/surveys for measuring the degree of satisfaction clients feel in relation to the services provided by the supplier. Such campaigns can be managed internally by the supplier’s employees, but also by third party companies, specialized in collecting feedback from clients;
  • in order to perform campaigns/surveys for measuring the degree of satisfaction clients feel in relation to the services provided by the supplier. Such campaigns can be managed internally by the supplier’s employees, but also by third party companies, specialized in collecting feedback from clients;
  • in order to distribute mail to clients, by using various postal services suppliers;
  • archiving personal data for statistical purposes.

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